Anna équipière à Montgolfières du Périgord
Crew member
Hot air balloon and blimp flights

A passion for ballooning

Anna (aka Nanou) is Boris' and Martine's daughter. She's been part of many balloon meetings and family flights from a very young age.

Even though, Anne is also into horse riding, autogyro piloting and motorcycle riding, ballooning has won her heart just like her younger brother's Contantin. It only made sense to her to join the crew of the family business as a full time teammate.

Boris', Jean-luc's and Constantin's teammate

Martine, her mom,raised her to be an efficient teammate! Anna's passion for ballooning has not been just enhanced by her family legacy but also by her very own personnality and involvment.

Her close collaboration with Boris, her dad, each time he flies trains her to be an excellent teammate. The pilots can rely on her to get the help they need to fly, take off and land in the best conditions ever regardless of the landscape, weather conditions and local atmospheric quirks!

Full time crew

While for the past few years, she only worked during the summer season, she works now full time and gets involved in the family business.

Anna is undergoing a pilot's training course.

Her boyfriend, Nicolas, happily gets aboard when anna asks him to!

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