General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1 -  Definition

Any purchased scenic flights are operated under conditions set by regulation of the "Direction Generale de l’Aviation Civile". Montgolfieres du Perigord is referred to as “the air carrier”.

Article 2 -  Liability

Any person flying onboard our hot air balloons or blimp must have a ticket. The flights are operated under the responsibility of the pilot. He’s the only one authorized to make decisions needed for the safe conduct of the flight in accordance with the applicable regulation. As such, he has full authority over the passengers. He’s allowed to unload anyone or anything unsafe, unsuitable or disrupting. As required by flights regulations, more than four months pregnant women are not allowed to fly on board a hot air balloon. We won’t allow children age less than 7 to fly. Children age 7 to 12 must be accompanied by an allowed and responsible adult. It is the responsibility of either the parents or the allowed accompanying person to release the exact age of the kid.

Article 3 – Pricing

Prices shown apply to each passenger on an individual basis and are added up as passengers require a group flight. Prices remain valid for the duration of the calendar year. They can be revised by the air carrier at any time without retroactive effect on the already purchased tickets. Prices include VAT and the insurance premium covering the ticket holder during the flight the pilot allowing him/her to be on.

Article 4 -  Validity of the ticket

The period of validity of the tickets is 24 months from the date of issue if payment is cashed upon booking. Excluding group contract (Article 11), the period of validity of the tickets is 12 months from the date of issue if payment is cashed the day the flight is scheduled. The period of validity of any tickets can be extended for a flat rate of 30 Euros per passenger.

Article 5 - Cancelation by the air carrier

The air carrier reserves the right to cancel a flight due to whether poor or unsafe weather conditions. Regarding the “Perigord 360 flights”, a flight can be delayed if, at least, 3 passengers are not allowed to board by the pilot. In case a flight is delayed or canceled, the air carrier cannot be held responsible for any travel, accommodation or subsistence expenses the customers would think of.

Article 6 - Cancelation by the customer

A customer canceling within less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight or (excluding group contract as Article 11 stipulates) not showing up at boarding time will lose his/her ticket and won’t get a refund.
In any other case, 20 Euros will be deducted from the ticket refund.

Article 7 - Methods of payment

Only reservations paid upon booking are valid. If a payment is not made in full upon booking by the customer, he/she will lose his/her reservation priority and may not be able to take part of the flight. The methods of payment accepted are:

  • Cash in Euros
  • Cash in US Dollars
  • Bank- or post- check issued by a banking institution or a post office located in French territory
  • For any bank check issued by a banking institution located in another country, 30 Euros banking fees will be charged.
  • Credit card
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Traveler’s checks

Article 8 - Terms of reimbursement

Under article 5 which covers the air carrier cancellation policy, tickets subject to a refund will be by bank check in Euros, minus the banking fees mentioned in article 7 covering checks issued by a banking institution located in another country and already cashed by the air carrier.

Article 9 - Insurance policy

Any passenger is covered under the air carrier “third-party liability” airships insurance. The risks are managed under the terms of the Warsaw Convention on passenger air transport. Personal items brought onboard by passengers are not covered by the insurance policy. The customers are informed and explicitly accept that the air carrier cannot be held responsible for any loss or deterioration of an object.

Article 10 - Claims procedure

Disputes, disagreements, failure to pay and/or any problems with the air carrier services will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Sarlat law courts or of the Dordogne department except for cases falling within the public policy remit.

Article 11 - Group contract

Reservations and/or purchases made on behalf of a natural or legal person for more than 8 passengers fall into the category of group contracts. A contract derogating from certain exhaustively listed provisions of the general terms and conditions can then be signed, however, in general, their implementation cannot be questioned.

Article 12 - Flight confirmation

Customers must contact the air carrier between 2:00 and 5:00 PM two days and the day before the flight is scheduled to keep informed of weather forecasts and chances of flying.

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