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Billet Périgord 360°

Get a thrill out of floating above extraordinary landscapes stretching as far as your eye can see

Billet poids plume

Tickets to fly onboard Montgolfieres du Perigord for kids age 7 to 12

Billet entre nous

Enjoy a balloon ride in a private setting or offer to your special ones an hour of serenity soaring above Perigord

Billet en tête à tête

Enjoy or offer a ride for two aboard one of our hot air balloons for an hour of absolute fullness and contemplative ascent.

Billet point du jour

Let yourself be carried away onboard a timeless hot air balloon as the sun rises...2 hours and a half of ecstasy and intense emotion!

Billet Duo Altissimo

Ticket for an exceptional balloon flight. Champagne and foie gras are served onboard to make this interlude above Dordogne exquisite!

Photo Billet All tissimo

Private group balloon flight voucher.
Champagne and Périgord foie gras will be served onboard to passengers as a cheerful treat.

Billet initiation

Initiation solo flight
1 hour at the controls to slip into the shoes of a free hot air balloon pilot.

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Montgolfières du Périgord

Clos Saint Donat
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