Boris gérant et pilote à Montgolfières du Périgord
Flight instructor, company manager
Hot air balloon and blimp flights

Boris has been ballooning for 22 years

Trained as an artisan coppersmith, Boris used his skills to build and fly gyrocopters. That was before he developed an interest for hot air balloons.

His passion for ballooning grows as he meets and befriends balloon pilots.

By ballooning, at first, for fun and then as a professional, Boris Nigrowsky has acquired a strong expertise in different fields including flying balloons and blimps but also in balloons technical design.

Both him and Martine, his wife and long-time teammate , took over  Montgolfieres de Perigord in 2002. They settled in La Roque Gageac and devoted themselves to their business: Ballooning

Hot air balloon and blimp flight instructor

Boris is nowadays the only licenced flight instructor in Dordogne. There're only 5 licenced flight instructors in the area under the juridiction of the Direction de l'Aviation Civile du Sud Ouest.

As discreet as competent

Pragmatic and discreet, Boris will make your flight enjoyable and comfortable.

Although he's always eager to share his experiences with his passengers, he will respect those who want to take in the peacefulness and serenity of the sky!

Boris' pilot's licence

Photo de la licence de pilote de Boris Nigrowsky


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