Dominique équipier à Montgolfières du Périgord
Crew member
Hot air balloon and blimp flights

Crew member since 2010

Dominique Charbonnier has been crewing for the pilots of  Montgolfieres du Perigord for a while now. With his sporty and proactive personnality, Dominique is the best assistant ever in the operation of a blimp flight and landing ( the blimp is larger and heavier than a hot air balloon)!

Dominique is well known among the team for his joyful personnality.

A diver and a rider too...

Dominique is a rider like everybody else on the Montgolfieres du Perigord's crew. He has also been diving all around the world.

Le Lys de Castelnaud

Upon landing, the experience can continue with a stop at Le Lys de Castelnaud. Dominique and his wife, Nathalie, will welcome the passengers in their bed and breakfast or cottage in a warm and medieval atmosphere!

Relaxation and change of scenery garanteed!

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