Jean-Luc pilote à Montgolfières du Périgord
Hot air balloon and blimp flight

Hot air ballon, ultralight aircraft and plane pilot

Jean-Luc Claessen is able to fly pretty much anything! Once in charge of the Sarlat-Domme flying school, Jean-Luc, an ultralight aircraft flight instructor, is now a full time professional pilot for Montgolfieres du Perigord.

Jean-Luc and Boris used to share their observations of the air and atmosphere while in flight as they were respectively ultralight aircraft and hot air balloon pilot.The solidarity between the two pilots gradually evolved since 2006 into an everlasting friendship.

Pilot, teammate and very close friend to the Nigrowskys

Being around the pilots and crewmembers of Montgolfieres du Perigord, you soon understand that the relationship between Jean-Luc and the Nigrowskys( Boris,Martine,Wassilli,Anna and Constantin) is strongly based on a friendship nourrished by their passion for ballooning.

To make a long story short, Jean-Luc is like a family member!

Mountain flying 4 months of the year

Every year since 2010, in winter, Jean-Luc practices mountain free flight in hot air balloons from Praz sur Arly near Megeve, Haute savoie.

That makes Jean-Luc, a highly experienced pilot!

Jean-Luc's pilot's licence


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