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A balloon trip back in time

Rediscovering the thrill the balloonists used to have on their epic journeys is probably one of the best way to have fun!

The breeze, the rattan basket, the feeling of absolute freedom and lightness...all is truly part of the adventure.

The envelope is the only element to be kept up to date through advanced technology to truly but safely make you Take it all inBetween friends or Just the two of you.

Fly like a bird, fly on a blimp

Feel the thrust and it will be as if you're growing wings! It's so much fun and special to feel so small underneath this gigantic fastreacting balloon ! Don't resist the temptation to experience a Blimp ride , an impressive 60 minute adventure onboard a flying engine from another time.

Unusual, classy and insanely fun...

These three rules of etiquette will make you have a blast on a blimp ride !

So, no matter how old you are and whatever occasion you're celebrating, take your life to new heights and rise above the ordinary! Ballooning is unlike any experience!

If you want to have a blast all by yourself, with a special one, with your family or friends go check our Packages and pricing or Contact uswe're full of great ideas!

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