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Photio de nos montgolfières du Périgord

A fleet of 5 hot air balloons

Beside the blimp, the Montgolfieres du Perigord's fleet counts 5 recent balloons in perfect airworthy condition and meeting the technical and safety standards in force including the latter provisions regarding the radio equipment.

A balloon for 2 or 3 passengers and the pilot

The balloon's basket is big enough to comfortably carry 3 passengers and their pilot. The envelope, made of nylon reinforced fabric, is designed to hold  a volume of 3000 m3 of hot air when inflated. This hot air volume is necessary to allow the balloon to easily rise and float smoothly at the desired height.

A balloon for 4 passengers and the pilot

A little bit more spacious than the previous one, this wicker basket can comfortably carry 4 passengers and their pilot. The envelope also made of the same nylon reinforced fabric is this time designed to hold 3400 m3 of hot air needed for the steering of the balloon.

2 balloons carrying 6 to 8 passengers and the pilot

With its envelope holding 5100 m3 of hot air, this balloon easily ascends with 9 people on board. The pilot can fly 8 passengers but Martine and Boris Nigrowsky usually limit the number of passengers to 7 . They obviously take into consideration the total weight of the crew as well as the weather and especially the atmospheric pressure.

In any case, the experienced and professionnal pilots always make sure to provide appropriate safety margins and to keep the weight in the basket way bellow the allowed load.

A balloon for 8 to 10 passengers-the basket has a door-easy access

The balloon with its envelope holding 6000 m3 of hot air will take about 10 passengers and their pilot for a flight. Boris and Martine, however, would rather bring the number of passengers to 9 in order to stay well bellow the theoretical balloon capacity  specified by the manufacturer. This balloon is equiped with a specially designed basket to facilitate boarding and unloading of passengers with reduced mobility.




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