Exclusive flights

Billet en tête à tête

Per-passenger fee : 

325,00 €

Passengers type: 

  • Children
  • Adults

Flight type: 

  • Private flights for two

Flight duration: 

  • At least 1 hour
Price650,00 €

Description of the flight : 

Table of contents

One of our pilots will take you along for a great balloon ride above Perigord.

The balloon basket is exclusively restricted to the two passengers mentioned on the ticket.

This exclusive flight is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to enjoy a superb view of the Dordogne and of its rich and natural habitat.

As part of the balloonist tradition, the balloonist toast will be proposed upon landing to stay true to what a hot air balloon ride used to be!

An experience to have and to offer just for the sake of sharing happiness!

Upon landing

You'll participate in the deflation and pack-up of the balloon, then we'll take you back to the office in one of our four-wheel-drive vehicules. The whole process will take about one hour and a half upon landing.

It will be time then for you, your pilot and his crew to propose the balloonist toast!

Gift certificate : 

It's very easy to offer this exclusive flight. When you enter your shipping information:

  •   Select "Gift"
  •   Specify the name of the recipient(s), the occasion it is for (birthday, retirement, wedding...)
  •   Enter the address the gift certificate will be sent to
  •   Write a nice message...and you're done, we'll take care of everything else!

Safety : 

Our hot air balloons and blimps meet the safety standards in force. we invite you to go check our certificates and licences of airworthiness.

Flight confirmation : 

From July 14th to August 20th

Hot-air balloon flights sell out fast during this time of the year.

So please call 05 53 28 18 58 to check availability before booking online.

In any case

Please call us at 05 53 28 18 58 for pre-flight information (weather forecast and flight probability) between 2pm and 5pm two days and then one day before the actual flight.


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Tel. : +335 53 28 18 58


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