Taking off at the foot of the castles in Dordogne

Photo du château de Beynac en Périgord

Hot air balloon or blimp take off authorisations

Because complying with ballooning usages and practices is important to Boris and Martine, they care about getting take off permits .

They, comfortably and securely, take off from 5 launch sites in the best conditions.

At the foot of the Castle of Fayrac

 A permanent take off permit has been validated for this launch site.

This astonishing property from the 13th century was built on the banks of the Dordogne river on the municipality of Castelnaud la Chapelle. Listed by the French Historic Monument Society since 1923, the castle of Fayrac is one of the six castles located in the Valley of the six castles!

Wether you choose to go for the solo flight aboard the blimp, the Exclusive flight, the Duo altissimo or the Perigord 360, you'll discover the castle of Fayrac from a new perspective.

At the foot of the Castle of Castelnaud

A permanent take off permit has also been validated for this launch site. Built in the 12th century on the municipality of Castelnaud la Chapelle as well, the fortress was destroyed and underwent restoration works from 1967 to 2012.

Purposely built on a promontary overlooking the valleys of the Dordogne and Ceou, the fortress will spark some interest among the balloon passengers.

Le château et les jardins de Marqueyssac

Between the castle of Beynac and the Marqueyssac gardens

The castle of Beynac, defiant throughout centuries of rich history, is facing the castle of Castelnaud on the other bank of the Dordogne! Not too far from there, on the municipality of Vezac en Dordogne,  the gardens of Marqueyssac, exciting but relaxing at the same time, remain as a reminiscence of  the 19th century and its romanticism. 

Our hot air balloons take off on an ongoing basis from a launching site nestled between the gardens of Marqueyssac and the castle of Beynac. It's our passengers' turn to discretly rise on a journey through time and space.


Montgolfière du Périgord à La Roque Gageac

 La Roque-Gageac, on the bank of the Dordogne

Permanent take off as well, from one of the most beautiful villages in France: La Roque Gageac! If you're given the opportunity to hop aboard a hot air balloon, you'll be amazed when flying over this sunny and historicaly rich village nestled between a river and a cliff. Watching at the reflection of a balloon playing around the gabares sliding on the Dordogne river is well worth its weight in gold!

Between the castle of Milandes and Beynac

On an occasional basis, our hot air balloon will ascent near the castle of Milandes, former and now famous home of the music-hall star, Josephine Baker.

You wish you drifted with the wind above all these jewels, evidence of our history and heritage. Book now then! We're looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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