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To become a hot air balloon pilot

It is required to complete classroom and flight instruction with a licensed flight instructor.

Hot air balloon flying class instruction

To get a hot air balloon pilote's license, you'll need to know about:

  •  instruments and technical components of the material
  •  their preparation and maintenance
  •  their use in flight
  •  the safety and navigation constraints
  •  the emergency procedures
  •  the radio communication system
  •  the specific conditions of captive, mountain, long distance, night, international...flights
  •  the characteristics and use of gas( propane, helium, hydrogen...)
  •  the assessment of meteorological and atmospheric phenomena
  •  the general ballooning regulation and specific provisions
  •  human physiological and psychological factors

Flight instruction

 Taught and reviewed by a flight instructor, the flight training covers:

  •  pre-flight operations
  •   technical operations such as unfolding, inflating, deflating, folding and storing the various components of the balloon
  •  piloting (ascend, descend, take off, level off, approach of landing and landing...)
  •  the implementation of emergency procedures
  •  the proper use of radio-telephony equipment

Flight hours requirement

The student pilot must ascend 12 times and have at least 16 flight hours including 2 solo flight hours at an altitude higher than or of 1000 meters.

The licensed pilot is allowed to take passengers onboard after 35 flight hours as pilot-in-command.


Boris Nigrowsky is an experimented and qualified hot air balloon flight instructor. Contact us if you're interested in learning how to fly a hot air balloon!

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